Lunch Program




Many programs at NACA support the Food and Nutrition Policy by promoting healthy bodies, minds, spirit, and environments. As a part of the school’s curriculum, students learn about healthful eating, the importance of physical activity, grow and harvest food in the school’s community garden, pass on valuable information to their families to try healthier foods together, and are provided healthy lunches and snacks at school.

The Lunch Program and Healthy Snack Program provide all students with a nutritious lunch that exceeds local guidelines for school nutrition.   Each school day, a private vendor brings freshly prepared lunches for all students at NACA. We are striving to improve the quality of lunches by providing culturally sensitive meals such as buffalo instead of beef, more vegetable choices, and locally grown produce. Healthy, free snacks are also offered to students in the morning and after school. Through these programs, students are served whole grains, fruits, and vegetables with balanced amounts of protein – limiting fat and sodium.

NACA understands that providing good, balanced nutrition will help to stabilize blood sugar levels among students which positively influences children’s behavior, improves their ability to concentrate, and increases their ability to perform complex tasks – thus boosting their academic success.

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