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Our purpose as the NACA Parent Community (parents, staff, administration, community) is to support NACA’s Mission to inspire and enrich the lives of NACA students through support of varied academic, social, and cultural activities. We seek to promote wellness of mind, body, spirit, and community for each individual child and family.

Family Community Meetings will be held at the beginning of every month on Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm. Sub-Committees will schedule meetings as necessary.

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NACA Parent Group Committees for School Year 2015-2016

This school year in an effort to have more parent involvement, the parent committee (with the support of Ms. Bobroff) is asking each family to sign up for at least one event to volunteer with.   There are various committees to choose from to fit the amount of time you would like to help out with, and the event that may interest your family.     We understand that NACA is not a private school, but NACA IS A COMMUNITY BASED SCHOOL, and this means in order for the school to be successful, FAMILIES MUST BE INVOLVED!   Thank you for taking the time to sign up for at least one event/committee!   Let’s make this school year a prosperous one!


Booster Club

This is a group that is formed for our NACA athletes. This is a school year long commitment.   The goal of this group is to raise money to support the athletics at NACA.   This is a year round event since it supports fall, winter, and spring sports. The money raised will help with uniforms, traveling expenses, sport camps, and the highschool sports banquet, etc.   The amount of time needed varies per fundraiser.

Community Feast

This is an annual event that NACA has held since the opening of the school in 2006.   This is one of the largest school events at NACA which requires many parent volunteers.   For this feast we feed approximately 800 people, which means we need people to cook, serve food, clean up and set up.   This event is held in October and planning for it starts in late August.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

This is fairly new event to NACA, last year was the second year the Parent Group did this, and it was a huge success.   For this committee we need volunteers to help collect donations (that are brought in by staff and students), divide the food into boxes, and distribute to the NACA families in need.   We also provide a pizza party to the top class in Mid-school and the top class in High-school.   This event takes place the 2 days before Thanksgiving break, and the time needed can be anywhere from 6-12 hours.

Staff Appreciation Dinner

This event is held in December.   It is a dinner that is held for all NACA staff.   For this committee we try to earn money to pay for dinner for the staff.   It also consists of decorating since this is around the holidays.   The hours for this vary.

Holiday Food and Coat Drive

This is also a fairly new event as last year was our second year in doing this.   We make food boxes for the families that might need extra help over the holiday break.   With this event you would be sorting food, distributing in boxes, collecting coats, and also distributing them as needed.   The time needed for this is usually 2 days at the school to organize the boxes and distribute.   This event is held in December.

NACA Powwow

This is an annual event held the last Saturday of May.   For this committee parents are needed to help organize a feeding for all participants of the pow wow.   Volunteers are needed to prepare food, serve food, set-up, and clean-up.   This is a one day event with about 2-8 hours needed.

12th Grade Graduation Reception

This will be a new committee that we would like the undergraduate families to participate in.   This is an event that consists of setting up a small reception for after graduation, serving cookies and punch or something similar.   The event is one day with a time frame of about 4 hours.


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