Support Us

Your contributions to NACA are now tax-deductible! The Native American Community Academy Foundation (NACAF) is in the process of obtaining its 501(c)(3) status, organizing specifically to support capital campaign and improvements, programs, services and overall educational advancement of the Native American Community Academy (NACA). The Foundation will also work towards the development of a network of schools modeled on NACA’s common core elements and philosophy with interested communities and initiatives that support educational innovation and reform.

-Whether you donate online, by check, or make a special donation to help us complete our new building, we will issue you a letter at the end of the year so that you can be sure to deduct your donation on your tax returns.

There are many ways that you can support NACA””and we depend on support from individuals, community partners and businesses“”to continue to expand the number of students we reach and the quality of the education that they receive!