What We Teach

NACA provides an academic program that reflects a commitment to student academic achievement, cultural connections, and creative electives.

  • -English/language arts classes foster literacy skills and knowledge and, at the middle school level, students connect to indigenous cultures through additional Native Literature and tiered reading classes.
  • In social studies students explore New Mexican, US and world history and geography and create projects and presentations for National History Day.
  • Numeracy is fostered through the Connected Math Program in middle school and Interactive Math Program in high school.
  • General investigation, life, earth, the environment and biology are all topics that are “uncovered” in science.
  • Health and wellness are central to NACA’s Personal Wellness classes which are offered from grades 6-10.
  • Students also connect to culture in Dine Government and Lakota, Navajo, Tiwa, and Spanish language classes.
  • Additionally, to stimulate our students’ creativity, NACA offers classes in visual art, drama, video production and music.

NACA is a Title I school.

Title I is a federally funded program that offers additional federal dollars to support schools in areas with high free-reduced lunch numbers.  Additionally, each Title I school receives funds for parent involvement.   These funds come from the 1% set-aside from the APS Title I District budget. 95% of these funds are distributed to schools for their parent involvement programs. NACA currently receives $856.00 in parent involvement funds.

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