NACA Hope Suicide Prevention


Dare to be You Parenting Classes for Middle School and High School

Classes that teach parents and children skills such as: communication, conflict resolution, self-responsibility, self-esteem, decision making skills, and alcohol and drug refusal skills.

Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

A council of members that create wellness initiatives for the entire NACA Community made up of key stakeholders: counselors, health care providers, teachers, students and parents.

Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students)

A father involvement program that brings positive male role models to NACA to spend time with the kids, model positive behaviors and act as an extra set of eyes and ears at the school to keep the kids safe.

Other Initiatives:

Traditional Culture Experts

Community members that we bring to the school to teach a traditional skill such as pottery or traditional healing to enhance student knowledge of culture and spirituality.DareToBeYou

Support for Student Groups: Sweet Nations Girls Group, Hiyupo Boys Group, Flawless LGBTQ Group Cultural Arts and Drum GroupHiyupoBoysGroup

We support student groups at NACA by equipping them with tools and resources to connect with their culture and spirituality.

Cultural Immersion Trips

We help support grade level trips, language class trips and the Hiyupo Boys group camping and fishing trips that immerse the students in culture and connect with the land.

Support of Indigenous Framework Adaptation for Teachers

We provide training support to help teachers indigenize their curriculum.